Our personal and professional lives have collided during the Covid-19 pandemic, and nearly everyone is encountering some sort of life disruption.

As we all experience a holiday period that feels different from any other, I would like to express our appreciation to you, a loyal member of our CYBRA family, for persevering in 2020 and continuing to seek joy at a time when joy may have been hard to find. It’s this spirit of optimism that gives us hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Your high expectations have inspired us to continue to create technology that anticipates your company’s Auto Identification printing and tracking needs in a rapidly changing landscape.

Despite the formidable challenges we confronted in 2020, CYBRA forged ahead with considerable product advancements and marked customer acceptance. Edgefinity IoT RFID tracking is being adopted at an unprecedented rate for a whole host of mixed passive and active RFID and RTLS application uses – many of which we frankly never contemplated.

Just a few days ago we launched the best MarkMagic yet. MarkMagic X is chock full of innovations for every MarkMagic user – those on the venerable IBM i platform, as well as those on platforms such as Windows, Unix, Linux and AIX.

As we look towards 2021 we can’t wait to show you what’s next. As always, our aim is to provide you with increased value on the investment you have made in CYBRA’s products.

Find joy in the season, love in one another, and peace in the moments that you share.

Happy Holidays,


Harold Brand
Chief Executive Officer
CYBRA Corporation